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First impressions: the magic recipe of Confident and Successful People -Positive Body Language

The world is filled with people who are confident and who stand above the competition. One of the main reasons of their success is because of how their body language works.

Confident and successful people normally possess positive body language.

Here is a list of body language positivies which will help you and which you will see demonstrated during asession of observation. Tick them off when you see them in motion; because it is only by seeing them that you can fully understand their significance:

Slowing down of speech - a slow, undersatndable speech evokes the feeling of trust in the hearet of the listener and subconciously prods the listener into believing the speaker, without casting much doubt or suspicion on them.

Nodding in agreement with people - nodding your head up and down is often considered to be a sign of agreement and approval. Shaking your head and nodding while talking send a subconscious signal in the listeners mind, prodding them to agree. When you nod while the other person is talking, it makes the speaker feel good as you are agreeing and creates a bond of trust between the listener and speaker.

Radiantly smiling - Smiling is often considered to be a positive geture and encourages the other person to approach you an talk to you, without much physical prodding from your side;. Sincere smiles also encourage the person opposite you to believe you much easily and trust you without casting a lot of doubt on you.

Giving strong handshakes which are sincere - as mentioned earlier, a limp handshake is a sign of low confidence. SO, inversely, a strong handshake is an indicator of self confidence. When an individual has confidence in themselves, he invokes confidence in the opposite person too!

Using very slight gestures - Using gestures with the hands to help confirm what is being said - dramatic hand gestures are a strick no-no! Very flamboyant hand gestures are an indicatgor of too much maintenance and the person opposite you will conclude that you are very high maintenance and really not worth their time and energy.

Leanding toward people when talking to them - Leaning in as a universal sign of saying " I'm hooked to you and what you are saying." It is an indication that you are very much intersted in the other person of what the other person has to say. Leaning in is also extremely effective when you are in a group and wish to shwo a particular eprson that you are in agreement with them. When you lean in, the person you are leaning towards also subconsciously leans in towards you, coming closer and making sure that you both have a smooth and fruitful interaction.

Giving themselves sufficient space - The main indicator of a successful and confident person is that they do not feel it is necessary to be constantly surrouned by people they are close to or they do not feel it is necessary to always to be touching or getting closer and closer to the person they are interacting with. They have their own space which they themselves do not violate, nor do they let anyone else violate it.

Keep eye contact - Maintaining eye contact with the person they communicate with - as mentioned earlier, eye contact is the key to get someone trust you and have confidence in you. When you maintain steady eye contact with someone you are communicating with, you send out a non verbal signal saying" I'm comfortable who I am and I have nothing to hide."

Have you checked if you've ticked out all the boxes?

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