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HR Consulting | 人力资源咨询

Leading HR Solutions | 领先的人力资源解决方案

1.Recruit and Hire the best talent for your business at a tailored price to cater your needs.

2.Set up policy, framework, guidelines, process and procedure for your business.

3.Employment Relations and Contractual Consultation

4.Employment law update and Unfair dismissal claim submission and assistance

Customised HR Service | 定制人力资源服务

1.Customised In house Policy/System Training

2.Team Building & Culture Cultivation

3.Human Resource Project Implementation including: engagement survey, performance management, Change Management etc.

4.Human Resource System ImplementationHRIS, project management and end-user training : EmployeeConnect, People Stream, SAP (Successfactor), ATS( Application Tracking System), Workday , Employee Hero, Bamboo HR etc.

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