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10 tips to ace your next interview

Interviews have been around for a long time, but it’s not the same old interview. New technologies, more competition and unique questions have changed things up a bit. Your best interview plan may be creating your own combination of traditional interview preparation with new interview requirements, like preparing for a video interview. These 10 tips can help you ace your next interview:

1. Know what employers want. At the interview you should present a balance of enthusiasm, skills, and confidence. Employers are looking for people who are flexible and can get the job done.

2. Do your homework. Know the company basics and more. Find the latest company news, upcoming projects and recent achievements/awards. And, don’t forget to do a little research on the interviewer or hiring manager – LinkedIn is a good place to start.

3. Dress smart. Always dress professionally. You may not need a suit, but you do need to look neat and clean. Keep accessories and perfumes/colognes to a minimum. Don’t let your clothes be a distraction.

4. Make a good first impression. Treat everyone you meet with respect. Use those first few seconds to create a positive tone. Offer a firm handshake, sincere smile, and friendly greeting. Keep your nerves under control with a few deep breaths.

5. Practice common questions. Know commonly asked interview questions and prepare your answers. Go in to every interview with a good idea of how you plan to answer popular questions.

6. Prepare to give proof. The employer wants examples of your success. Be ready with the facts and figures that illustrate your interview responses. You need proof to stand out.

7. Be ready for video. Many companies have started using video interviews to be more efficient. Make sure to follow the specific instructions from the interviewer. Test the technology prior to the interview, if possible. Prepare a good interview space away from distractions.

8. Sell yourself. Position yourself as the solution. Share what has made you what you are today and why you are the right match for the job. Be careful not to be overconfident.

9. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Prepare some thoughtful questions in advance as well as ask questions that have popped into your mind during the interview.

10. Send a thank you. Follow up within 24 hours by emailing/sending a brief a note. Thank everyone for their time and remind them why you are the best candidate for the job.

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